Monday, November 30, 2009

Norway embraces Osmotic Power

Osmotic Power is when electricity is produced by utilizing pressure built up in salt water. The pressure build up happens when salt water, comes in contact with fresh water. By virtue of a higher salt content, salt water exert pressure on fresh water to move towards salt water, fresh water does so by diluting the salt water. A membrane in between the salt water and fresh water, blocks the two from directly mixing. Then, when more fresh water moves towards the salt water chamber, the pressure builds up due to the high volume of pressure in the salt water chamber. That is when the pressure is utilized through letting high pressure water on to the turbine, which in turn rotates generators.

The Norway based company Statkraft, has been doing research for 10 years on this process, to make it commercially viable. According to researchers, the global potential of Osmotic power is expected to be around 1700 Twh per annum, which is equivalent to half the European Unions electricity production. Since there are so many fresh water rivers flowing into oceans, Osmosis power is rated higher, and a viable industrial development option.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Here is a link to where you can check your carbon footprint FREE

SunnyBag Solar Shoulder Bag

Stefan Ponsold, has created this SunnyBag, and the company is based in Australia with the same name. These bags are made from cowskin leather, and are either dark brown or black. They are designed as a shoulder bag for laptops, files and paperwork. The bag has a 3 Watt solar panel with a 1600 mAh LI-Ion battery pack. On over cast days, this internal battery can be charged.

It has a range of adaptors to charge your portable gadgets like iPhone, iPod and various kinds of mobile phones. The approximate weight of this bag is 3 lbs, and the prices start at $199. Euro (including tax).

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Next time you travel, stay at an eco friendly hotel. At Eco Friendly Hotels, they list bed and breakfasts, hotels, inns, motels, and resorts, and all the eco friendly actions they take.

Recycled Mother Boards...Going Green

Recently, at San Francisco's Green Festival, they had some really neat ideas to recycle "Mother Boards" Here are a few pictures from the event.
I really like this journal, with the unique "Mother Board" cover on it. It would probably make a unique gift for anyone that is a webdesigner, or someone that is a eco warrior.
These coasters would fit into any decore, and be a real conversation starter too.
This clock is rather unique, and will definitely appeal to the eco green people on your Christmas List. This clock will set you back $30, and all of the products can be found at Motherboard Gifts

Motherboard Gifts, started in 1991, and creates many gifts ranging from picture frames to key fobs and everything inbetween. As the company states, "These products capture the intrinsic beauty of technology while providing an environmentally friendly alternative to the circuit boards being disposed of in landfills. Each product may vary by color and pattern making every item unique - virtually one of a kind." Yes, they are unique, and I am sure there are many people that would enjoy a one of a kind gift like this.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

iPetal solar charger

This is a new solar charger that opens up into the shape of a flower, with all the petals opened into a circle. Once it is complete open, it gathers the light and gets ready to charge your electronic gadgets. It folds up and turns into a stand for your iPhone. Very nice. Hopefully it will hit the market in 2010...fingers crossed.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Go Green, and Save water while washing your hands.

As the Flu is running through the general population, there are many young children that need to learn to wash their hands more often. With this bright and cheery Mons Lavabo, which is a short listed entry in Designboom's Green Life Contest, is this small version of the washroom sink. It has been designed by Teng Chuan Tey and Romualdo Faura Bernabe from Spain, and this kid sized sink is catering to teaching children good hand washing habits. It is made from biodegradable and recyclable crushed almond husks...which keeps with our green theme. It has a motion sensor which turns on/off the water to prevent waste.